By: Corban Stone

The angels cry out, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts. His glory fills this earth.”
Even if we don’t praise His glorious name
The rock and trees give Him fame.
Unknown God, does not live in shrines
Neither is He served by human hands as though He needed anything.
As though He needed humanity to glorify Him

He breathes air into the lungs of man
Yahweh is self-sufficient.
We live, move, and exist in His presence.
Created man for His glory, not vice versa, but somewhere we got it twisted
Expected God to fulfill our selfish ambition
Our existence on this planet
Was to have fellowship with Him. That’s way He planned it.

The very opening of His hands is meant to satisfy every living creature.
It is written His people will be satisfied with His goodness.
Become enriched with His glory that our faces may glow like Moses.
Let our hearts cry out desperately in prayer like Hannah.
For His spirit to come down from heaven and rest in our bodies, like Mary.
For His Glory Alone.

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