Reaching for Holiness

By Corban Stone

What is life but only a vapor
What is man that you cared for him
That you set up a standard, you established a law we all will fall short of
It’s because of Your faithful love we do not perish

Even though, we as humanity have descended in the darkest depths.
Drowned by hidden motives and secrets, we are contently sitting in our waste.
While the due date of Judgment Day hangs over our head like halos.

Even saints will be judged, amongst each other we must keep accountability
For the deeds we commit, we easily forget that our sin is an offense to a Holy God.
For it is written, “be holy, because I am Holy.”
We can never reach holiness by self-righteousness
Its comes at an expense of the flesh
This is the reason, Our Father, gave up Jesus to come to save us, and redeem us
Thus, We must give up this life, since He gave His

He wants an intimate relationship with His creation
For our thoughts to be encaptured by the beauty of His glory, not by the opposite sex
For our minds to be filled with His presence, instead of entertainment
For our souls to fully enjoy restoration with Him
And He us

For discipline we have to endure, but he disciplines us for our good, that we may share His holiness
And we will never see the Lord without holiness
Reaching for holiness is like reaching for the stars
It can only be given by the One, who bears our scars.


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