Three Cord Bond

Three Cord Bond
The Christian poet/rapper Propaganda has a new album out right now entitled Crimson Cord. It is one amazing piece of artwork. It is an attempt to tackle the Christian’s struggle with their own past. It is something that needs to be listened to all the way through several times. The song that I would like to highlight in this post is the 10th track of the album entitled Three Cord Bond. It discusses the differences between people growing up in three different cultures.(Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian.) It speaks honestly to the cultural struggles that occur in our day and time. In the song it shows that despite our differences there is unity to be found in Christ. This is all possible because Christ died to save people from every tribe tongue and nation.He does not have the prejudices that exist in the wicked heart of man. And because of Christ death there is unity in the body of Christ despite cultural differences. I can fellowship with a Puerto Rican from New York and Country boy from the rural south. Christ is the string that binds us. So listen to this song and go download this free album.

This is the last verse from the song. Let this soak into your soul.
“But now we understand. We suffer the same stain. We gain from a shared ancestor. we all descend from Adam sin. Riddles every inch of us but now we see clearly that Crimson Cord is one rope made from many strands. And each it’s own color but now it clearly stands died the color red from our saviors bloodshed. And the rope finds it strength from the multiple lines wrapped around each other until they all perfectly intertwined. So let’s just call it even and walk through life knowing that a three cord bond is not easily broken”

– Cody Watson
Here is a link to listen to Three Cord Bond

Here is a link to Download the album for free


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