Sola Scriptura

By Corban Stone

The canon, which determines the standard of the churches, measured the books early church used in their congregation. These books were read openly to the congregation, because they held a special authority of God upon them.  Most of the first Christian were Jews, so Christianity was never absent of the cannon (another term for Scripture). Jesus himself accepted the Old Testament as God’s word to man (John 10:35; Luke 24:44) However, the Apocrypha seemed (other books that were added to the Old Testament) to be rejected, because neither Jesus nor his apostle ever quoted from the Apocrypha as Scripture. The New Testament came to be set apart as Scripture by these factors. (1) The books have changed the lives of many men through the uniqueness and power of the words. (2) Some books were used in the Christian gathering of worship and corporate reading, while others that were read in worship and held at a higher position—did not make it. (3) One of the major reasons some books made it into the canon, because of its ties to an apostle, which proves the book validity. The books had to be approved or written by an apostle in order to be recognized; for instance, Peter supported the book of Mark and Paul supported the book of Luke.  By A.D 190 the churches accepted Christians Scripture alongside Jewish Scriptures, in a sense Christians put the canon together. However, the major goal was to center the Scriptures on the apostles’ teachings. This raises a question: do the Scriptures have divine authority, since it was written by men?

The Scriptures was not written by ordinary men, but inspired men. Ordinary men writing cannot be place with high importance of Scriptures, because these men are not inspired. Excellent, skillful composed writings only tickle the ears, while the Scriptures pierce the heart, mind and soul of men. Inspired men such as the Holy Prophets and the apostles wrote the Scriptures through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Jesus confirmed the divine authority of both the Old Testament and New Testament, because he promised to lead the apostles in ‘all truth’ by the Holy Spirit. (John 16:13) These men were moved by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:21)   

The Bible does not need to be defended, Scriptures requires no extra biblical data, even from theology. (However, theology is suitable as long as the theologian conception is not considered greater than the Scriptures.)For someone to doubt one verse authenticity is to doubt the Holy living God, because God is not human so He can not lie (Numbers 23:19; Titus 1:2) Scriptures are the foundation of our faith and ultimately the grounding of all truth. In John Broadus’ sermon, Paramount and Permanent Authority of the Bible, insist the Bible has been and must remain the supreme authority in the Christian faith. All Scripture is inspired by God [which means God breathed] and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16)  

For anyone to hold a firm conviction that the Scriptures are the supreme authority in the Christian faith and are God’s uncompromising words. Faith is required. It is not based on rational thoughts or irrational thinking. Faith does not believe despite the lack of proof, rather, honors God’s word as sufficient proof.  Trusting God’s word as ultimate truth does not indicate logical reasoning is out of the picture. However, the Lord does not always reveal the meaning behind His plans, His words and His actions. For this reason we must put on a child-like faith and remember that He is faithful, placing our confidence in Him and His scriptures.

Scriptures is not only based on truth, but also it proclaims the reasoning for believing the truth. We are obligated to believe Scripture for Scriptural reasons.  To stray away from the Holy Scriptures is complete heresy.  Let us remember and cherish this simple truth: scripture interprets scripture. To believe Scripture is the supreme authority might be hard to grasp, but if Christ truly lives in us, rest assure, the Holy Spirit will lead us to the running waters of truth. Let’s us not be dependent on our interpretation or men interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, but let’s us sit at feet of the Holy Spirit, who is our divine Teacher, and absorb all truth. We cannot have real understanding of the truth if we are not taught by the Holy Spirit. The Counselor, the Holy Spirit—the Father will send Him in My name—will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you. (John 14:26)

            Since the Holy Spirit leads us to the truth and teaches us, this is an assurance that the Scriptures are truly God’s word and the Holy Scriptures must be valued above our morals, cultural standards, and our preferences. True godly people are rare breed to spot in this wild frenzy jungle of America. Because most contemporary Christians do not hold the conviction to surrender every area of their lives over to the authority of Christ and His words, the Words of God demands our full attention and our obedience. If it was not so important why did God inspire mere humans to record to His words to mankind? Only through faith and the guiding of the Holy Spirit can we believe the Scriptures are the supreme authority of the Christians faith.   





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