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Sola Fide

By Justin Carnley Justificatio est articulus stantis et cadentis ecclesiae—”justification is the article by which the church stands or falls.” That is what Martin Luther said in the early 17th century. To Luther, and many others, there were few things more precious than the recovery of the doctrine of justification alone by Christ alone. But […]

Sola Scriptura

By Corban Stone The canon, which determines the standard of the churches, measured the books early church used in their congregation. These books were read openly to the congregation, because they held a special authority of God upon them.  Most of the first Christian were Jews, so Christianity was never absent of the cannon (another […]

New Series on the 5 Solas

“Our Battle Cry” By John Wilson What is the difference between a Roman Catholic and a Protestant? I am convinced the difference is becoming less noticeable in modern day American Christianity.  Before the Protestant Reformation, the Pope of the Catholic Church would allow you to pay “indulgences” that guaranteed a deceased family member’s entrance into […]

The King Eternal Reigns

Who has Control over the Earth? By: John Wilson I have heard many evangelicals say that Satan is in control of the events on earth as we speak. How does that make you feel when you go to sleep at night? When reading the Bible at first glance it is easy to see why many […]

Optimistic about the Future

By John Wilson Why polish brass on a sinking ship? You ever get sick of watching the news and hearing about all the depressing stuff that is happening around us? It seems like in the last 20 years the values and morality of this country have gone down the drain. Not even the pagan Greek […]